As they say … THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

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What if you can’t go or they can’t come? You have signature announcements to make, C-suite presenters lined up and A-list clients to engage…but are facing travel restrictions, business continuity concerns and a cancelled event.

Centerline has worked for years to innovate unique approaches to both online events and digital experiences to help position our clients as industry leaders no matter the form their presentations take. We have a passion for solving complex communication challenges and have found a number of successful approaches to giving digital experiences the same immediacy and pull as a well-produced live event.

Go beyond the traditional webcast

Blending powerful content with impeccable design, Centerline’s Large Format Stage Presentation (LFSP) solution combines footage of presenters onstage with high-impact, seamless graphics to deliver messages that immediately engage the audience and leave a lasting impression. The LFSP delivers the charisma of a live event while eliminating the cost, risk, and pressure that is often associated with a live production.

Create an online event experience

Many technologies can be explored to create an online event experience for the audience and facilitate community engagement around the event. A virtual event landing page provides opportunity to create a rich media experience to captivate and engage viewers.