Are We Trying Too Hard To Segment Content For The Buyer’s Journey?

The 2014 IDG Enterprise Customer Engagement Survey was done to gain better understanding of the various content types and volume of information consumed by technology buyers, throughout their buying journey. The entirety of the report is certainly worth your time if you’re a marketer – of technology products or services, or something different. But I’m going to focus on a few of the key findings surfaced in the report here in order to make this point: The data shows that overly segmenting your content by phase in the buyer’s journey might be the wrong way to apportion your message.

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Rethinking Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned (Part 2)

The same day I was writing the post about whether the Paid, Owned, Earned (& Shared) media mix is still relevant, Mashable published an article titled: Why PR Is Embracing the PESO Model. It sets up an interesting dichotomy.

PESO — paid, earned, shared, owned — is a model for content that’s been around for quite awhile, so it’s as good a model as any to latch on to for some who’ve just had their “coming to content” moment. But… does that model even come close to explaining the world of channels, content and promotion that exists today?

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The Media Mix: Paid, Owned, Earned (& Shared) – Is It Still Relevant?

On the first Thursday of every month, we host a Content Marketing Special Interest Group (SIG) discussion for the Triangle AMA. This month, the topic was about whether the “paid, earned, owned (& shared)” model is still relevant for brands when thinking about how their message is disseminated.

We’re using this discussion as a launch point — to explore new marketing mix models. In this post, you’ll find the notes that were captured on whiteboard during the discussion. We hope they’re useful to you in exploring new maps. And we’ll be putting a few new ideas out there ourselves over the next few weeks.

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Your Content Is Your Product

What are all the parts of a transaction? Is it merely the exact moment in time when I hand someone money and they hand me a product in return? Or does it include the information gathering I do before I hand over the money? And the research I might do after?

I think it does. And that’s why: Your Content Is Your Product.

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The Making Of: CEI “Raster In The Community” Broadcast Commercial

It was amazing to see our latest spot for our good friends at CEI air during half time of Super Bowl XLVIII. Perhaps more amazing is all the time and talent that was poured into the project to make it happen. You can see both the final spot and visual effects breakdown here.

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What does Content Marketing mean to you?

One Friday not long ago — a day each week that we get together as an agency to share pizza and catch up — I started wondering. So I sent a simple question to a random set of the people around the room: How do you describe content marketing? I thought the collective response captured the essence as well (or better) than any expert. So we made a video of those responses. Content marketing as defined by the practitioners:

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Content Marketing Art of War, Second Edition | MIMA Summit 2013 Recap

The Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA) has a lot to be proud of. Their annual conference — MIMA Summit — was earlier this week, and it was easily one of the best conferences I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of.

Thanks to all the people who attended my session: The Content Marketing Art of War. It was exciting to see that many people interested in the topic, and I hope they all went away feeling inspired, enriched, curious… or all three. In this post, you’ll find the presentation I gave as well as some notes on the other sessions I attended. I hope the information is useful!

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Reinventing the Webcast: Video-Driven, Content-Centric Virtual Events

According to the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, 61% of B2B marketers use webcasts, and rank them among the top three most effective content marketing tactics (2013 B2B Content Marketing Report). Webcasts are used by marketers to influence each …

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What is Accountable Creative? (Content Marketing Fuel)

Traditional advertising and marketing agencies often use the term “creative” as a label for internal teams with production-specific skills — such as design, development, copywriting and film/video production. The outputs from those teams are considered “the creative,” while business goals are considered “the strategy” that precedes the creative process.

We’re not a traditional agency. And I think that’s most evident in our refusal to think of creative and strategy as separate, siloed entities. We believe in Accountable Creative.

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Content Marketing Art Of War

I had the wonderful pleasure of speaking at the Digital Marketing for Business Conference earlier this week. It was a great event… and I’m not just saying that because Centerline was the sponsor. In this post you’ll find the presentation I gave: Content Marketing Art of War. It was a fun presentation to give. And I think I accomplished my only real goal: To give people content marketing ideas they can put to use. Thanks to everyone who attended my session!

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