Saying the quiet part out loud: Why anthem videos are your most important asset

Senior Strategic Creative Director

By now, every marketer knows (or should know) the value of video at nearly every stage of the buyer’s journey. Videos are indispensable tools that deliver exceptional results, and we know them by many names: awareness, explainer, reference, walk-through, and on and on.

However, of all the different types of videos, there is one that towers above the rest: the anthem. 

The truth is, great companies have great anthem videos. Period. And the list of brands that can track their meteoric rise to the release of a splashy anthem is too long to list here but would include: IBM (“A Boy and His Atom”), Slack (“Do Amazing Things”), Apple (“1984”), and even Dollar Shave Club (“Our Blades Are F***cking Great”).  

However, although these assets are highly effective and exist in a league of their own, they remain greatly underused and misunderstood.

Why? One reason it’s easy for marketers to overlook the importance of anthem videos is because they often focus on the “big picture” rather than specific product features and benefits. This may make the ROI of anthems hard to justify, leading some marketers to view anthems as frivolous or unnecessary when compared to other, lower-funnel assets with more immediate applications or straightforward ROI projections. 

But the truth is, the right anthem video can be a brand’s greatest secret weapon.  

Here are six ways anthem videos can transform your marketing efforts and set your brand in a league of its own.

1. Say the Quiet Part Out Loud

There are some things a company wants to shout, and there are some things it wants to whisper. Shouts are for short-term wins, but whispers linger in the audience’s mind far longer. While many marketing assets focus on overt product promotion, effective anthem videos tap into the underlying values that make people desire to be associated with you. That’s a message with far more staying power.

2. First the Who, Then the What

Before anyone makes a purchase, they want to know who they are buying from. In fact, customers increasingly prefer brands that reflect their own values and principles. Anthem videos allow your brand to clearly communicate who it is and what it stands for.

3. 20/20 Vision Brings Details Into View

Before your customers can consume fine details about your product or services, they first need to understand the big picture. While some of this context can be conveyed in other top-of-funnel assets, anthem videos are uniquely positioned to present a sweeping vision that helps set the stage for customers.  

4. Emotion Wins Every Time

Information for information’s sake rarely wins hearts and minds. It’s only when that information is attached to a reason – the “why” – that customers begin to care. Anthem videos are perfect vehicles for creating emotion and giving your audience something to care about.  

5. Stake Your Claim 

Creating an anthem video allows your brand to carve out and claim its own place in the industry. Stand out from the competition and show your customers what you are bringing to the marketplace that is fresh and differentiated.   

6. Tying It All Together

With different products, services and offerings, audiences can get overwhelmed or even confused by different messaging your marketing is putting out. Anthem videos allow you to unify all these different communications and put them under one umbrella, with clarity and consistency.  

Want to learn more about what makes an effective anthem video? Check out our anthem videos collection to see some examples we’ve created.

Senior Strategic Creative Director

Sr. Strategic Creative Director at Centerline Digital