Repurposing your content… at what cost?

There’s no shortage of anything, really, on the Internet, and that includes riddles, proverbs and commentary on something we all presumably consider incredibly valuable. That “something” is time. “One must work with time and not against it,” said late American author Ursula K. Le Guin, whose words of wisdom Google retrieved in a quick search. […]


Empowering your media strategy with an audience-first, channel-agnostic approach

The fragmentation of the digital landscape is complete. The sheer volume of channels and devices companies can use to engage with customers has become overwhelming at best. With new options continuing to emerge, the pressing challenge many face is how to ensure they select the right ones in order to reach their audience efficiently and […]


The value of an integrated search strategy

The value of search engine marketing is undeniable. Search is so effective because it reaches people at the exact moment they’re looking for information. In 2023, organic and paid search combine to make up 80% of trackable website referrals.  But you’re limiting your impact if you choose one or the other. Paid and organic search […]


Maximizing the impact of partners with better content

B2B companies are growing increasingly dependent on partners to improve customer success and drive growth. As products have gotten more complex and required more configuration, customers have needed more extensive consultation throughout the sales process. Partners fill an important gap by providing deep, specialized expertise and consultation to help customers select the best options.  But […]


Why storytelling matters more than ever in 2023

Storytelling often feels like a luxury for B2B marketers, something that’s better left to more experience-focused brands with bigger budgets and more time. But we know that isn’t true.  The B2B buying journey is the perfect use case for telling stories. When the process is long, many people are involved, and differentiation is complicated, a […]


Think small: Why micro-influencers are the perfect fit for B2B

The word “influencer” carries a lot of baggage.  When you ask someone to describe an influencer, it isn’t often a flattering portrait. It’s no wonder so many B2B marketers have brushed them off for so long. But the problem isn’t with influencers – it’s with how we define them.  All too often we equate “influencer” […]


The secret to a winning product demo? Make it personal

When most people think about product demos, the first words that come to mind are usually terms like “informative,” “how-to,” or “practical.”  But what if it was “personal”? At a time when more and more customers are not only seeking but expecting personalization, is there a way to make product demos – those one-size-fits-all, lower-funnel […]


Saying the quiet part out loud: Why anthem videos are your most important asset

By now, every marketer knows (or should know) the value of video at nearly every stage of the buyer’s journey. Videos are indispensable tools that deliver exceptional results, and we know them by many names: awareness, explainer, reference, walk-through, and on and on. However, of all the different types of videos, there is one that […]


Inflation frustration? Try pulling these content levers for relief

You’d be hard-pressed to find too many areas where the gut punch of generational inflation in the U.S. isn’t being felt—on the homefront and on the job. B2B marketing certainly isn’t immune to what’s taking place. As the price for goods and services continues to increase (creating a decline in purchasing power), the collective reaction […]


How to use stock libraries to differentiate your brand and communicate value

At Centerline, we’re fairly specialized in the types of companies we work with. Our focus on B2B tech means we’re familiar with a good portion of the companies we work with and their competitors even before we work together. It also means we see companies facing a lot of the same types of challenges and […]


The new and necessary breed of content… do you have it?

There’s a phrase muscling its way into the mix on the Big List of Marketing Buzzwords. It’s certainly not the No. 1 offender (and may never be), but its presence is increasingly hard to ignore. The phrase is “high-quality content.” And it’s a sneaky one. “High-quality content” is rather innocuous, hiding in both conversation and […]


The 4 types of sales enablement content you should be producing and why

Marketing and sales are codependent, even if the two teams don’t always act that way. To maximize their effectiveness, they must be integrated. The evolution of digital has only amplified that need. In a healthy program, the two functions align on which accounts to pursue, communicate their efforts, and share data to empower each other […]