Story Enrollment Workshop

This two-hour workshop is designed to help you and your colleagues find the right approach to developing a robust customer reference program. It focuses on several key aspects to consider before determining which best practices to employ for the process of nomination, recruitment, and enrollment.

Questions we’ll cover

  • Is your reference program primarily run by your Sales Team or by Marketing/Communications teams?
  • Are you currently recruiting and enrolling Customers to participate in your “program” or by customer reference story (asset) you hope to produce?
  • Is your nomination and recruitment process happening or starting during the sales cycle or only once the engagement/solution implementation is well under way and successful?

References have 80-85% likelihood of influencing a B2B purchasing decision. The most highly rates of any marketing activity. (Gartner)

Customer Journey Touchpoints

Evaluate the appropriate points along the customer journey for recruitment and nomination.

Team Involvement

Identify which teams can assist — or lead — with the “enrollment and recruitment pitch.”

Best Practices

Share best practices the reference program team can pilot based on our experience producing thousands of client stories.

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