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HQ Transformation and Story Program

The Ask

The executive floor of IBM Headquarters in Armonk, N.Y. was getting a huge makeover and IBM hired the architecture firm Gensler to take the current space and reimagine it as a modern collaborative space where insights from real-time data provoke discussions. The main wall—a 32 foot long by 8 foot high screen—greets VIP visitors in the lobby as they wait to speak with senior IBM executives. IBM immediately turned to Centerline to consult on the content experience, and to partner with Gensler throughout the process. IBM wanted to highlight industry-transforming client stories and cutting edge IBM research that would play along with data visualizations and audio soundscapes.

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The Solution

Centerline tackled a number of unique challenges in order to create content for this huge video wall. We had to figure out how to tell complex client and research stories on a very wide canvas without relying on audio all while working with a customer content generation engine running the screen.

We explored several different visual styles and landed on an approach that used a few key images (usually high-frame-rate footage) and very sparse, punchy text. This style allowed us to focus audience attention on key messages and not have them get overwhelmed.

Over two phases we produced 15 client stories, 7 research project stories, 10 deep-dive documentary-style client stories and 3 soundscapes for real-time data visualizations.


Client stories


Research project stories


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