IBM z15: Fresh webcast format for a sky-high retention rate

The Ask

When IBM was launching the latest iteration of its enterprise computing platform — the IBM z15 — the goal was to communicate to clients and prospects that IBM Z is the best platform in the world for the cloud you want, with the privacy and security you need.

It was equally important to position IBM Z as cutting-edge and a means to gain a competitive advantage for its enterprise clients working with multi-cloud and hybrid cloud platforms.

So, how could the IBM Z team dive into the technical details of the z15 without losing engagement? That’s where Centerline came in.

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The Solution

In place of a more traditional — highly informative, but standard — product launch video, we looked to late-night variety shows for inspiration. By changing the format to a variety show-style webcast and leveraging a well-known industry influencer as the host and IBM subject matter experts across marketing, design, and management as the guests, we were able to dramatically increase engagement for the z15 digital launch.

Host Ray Wang served as a stand-in for the audience, asking questions about the features, benefits, and technology behind the z15 in one-on-one interviews with the SMEs.

The fast pace, multiple segments, and energetic host livened up a deeply technical launch story and allowed the leaders from IBM to play authentic starring roles during the 24-minute webcast. In their interviews with Ray, IBM SMEs were able to deliver their specialized knowledge in a digestible and engaging way.

The launch campaign also included 13 in-person interactive demos at invite-only roadshows in six key markets around the world to help share new capabilities and dive deep on features and benefits.


of viewers tuned in for the entire 24-minute video.


highest-performing 2019 webinar for IBM Z.


increase in live viewers compared with similar industry webcasts.

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