Data Visualization: The Underutilized Superpower of B2B Marketing

The continued digitalization and reliance on data-driven decision-making has defined the current era of business. As marketers in B2B tech spaces, it’s one of our biggest challenges to translate the complex data we’re given into cohesive and compelling narratives that move minds.  Data visualization is one of the most powerful tools in allowing us to […]


Top takeaways from the 2021 B2B Content Consumption Insights Report

How 2020 Changed Marketing Messaging and Approaches Overnight There’s no doubt that 2020 is a year that most of us won’t soon forget. The world ground to a halt in the midst of a global pandemic that affected every industry and every customer, and we faced unprecedented levels of social upheaval. People everywhere were faced […]


How to bring anonymous customer reference stories out of the shadows

As any B2B marketer worth their salt knows, customer references are valuable. Like, gold bullion valuable. Easily one of the most effective assets in a marketer’s toolbox, testimonials given by satisfied clients are proven to give buyers confidence in making purchasing decisions—and not by a small margin. In fact, a full two-thirds of buyers say […]


SEO and brand strategy: Marketing’s most under-appreciated pair

SEO is the lost sheep of the marketing world. When directly asked, most marketers (64%, to be exact)1 will say they actively need it, but SEO strategy tends to be forgotten in the research and planning stages of a project—and, sometimes, all the way through. Which is strange, given that there were 7+ billion Google […]


The need to lead…with empathy (and 3 tips to make it happen)

You know the saying: The more things change, the more they stay the same. Well, in the words of the iconic Cher Horowitz, “As if!”—certainly as it relates to 2020. Routines changed. Work changed. Expectations changed. And as those seismic shifts caused many of us to initially lose our footing, nothing about what we experienced […]


Mired in mediocrity: 10 tips to raise the bar on the webinar

Simon Cowell once made American Idol can’t-miss TV with his blistering verbal beatdown of contestants. He’d often eviscerate wanna-be stars who couldn’t carry a tune. But when it came to the hopefuls—those who had potential but lacked direction—Cowell’s common critique of any performance that fell short of his expectation always felt like it cut the […]


Lighten up: why B2B marketers shouldn’t shy away from humor

Today, there’s simply no reason to watch commercials anymore. It’s a trend that started back in the VHS era, and became even more prevalent with the advent of the DVR. When you can record a show and zip past the endless advertising—and even skip all the ads on live TV if you’re willing to tune […]


5 tips for launching a B2B ABM pilot program

Few marketing segments in recent years have experienced as much growth as Account-Based Marketing (ABM). According to an Information Technology Services Marketing Association (ITSMA) and the ABM Leadership Alliance study, 73% of marketers planned to increase their ABM budgets for 2020. The report, which surveyed 196 marketers from B2B technology and business services companies, found […]


What’s the difference between UX and CX?

Customer experience (CX) is fast emerging as one of the core business elements every enterprise must master in the digital age. But what does the ascendancy of CX mean for user experience (UX), and how do these two important concepts relate to one another? Centerline’s Group Strategy Director, Greg Harbinson and UX Strategist, Brandon Frye […]


Consider your sources: What’s missing from your marketing strategy?

Danish poker player Gus Hansen has won and lost his share of major high-stakes tournaments on the pro circuit. While his good fortune has fluctuated over the years, his strategy has not. His mantra has always been: Look at the game from the opponent’s perspective. And the same can be said in marketing. How keenly […]


Lights, camera…masks! Live video production in the new normal

At our core, we at Centerline are storytellers. And while there are a variety of alternative formats to telling our clients’ stories remotely when necessary, more often than not there is nothing more powerful than live video production to build brand awareness and motivate buyers. It’s what we’ve always done best. From swelling, emotional narratives […]


Don’t wait for dumb luck: Create more defining moments by doing this

Imagine you’re a 20-something sales rep for a tech company. You sell disaster recovery software and make good coin doing it. Your wardrobe and your wheels reflect your success. Then, gas skyrockets past $3 a gallon. There’s even talk it’ll flirt with $4. Suddenly, you and the other young sales reps in the office aren’t […]