Consider your sources: What’s missing from your marketing strategy?

Danish poker player Gus Hansen has won and lost his share of major high-stakes tournaments on the pro circuit. While his good fortune has fluctuated over the years, his strategy has not. His mantra has always been: Look at the game from the opponent’s perspective. And the same can be said in marketing. How keenly […]


Lights, camera…masks! Live video production in the new normal

At our core, we at Centerline are storytellers. And while there are a variety of alternative formats to telling our clients’ stories remotely when necessary, more often than not there is nothing more powerful than live video production to build brand awareness and motivate buyers. It’s what we’ve always done best. From swelling, emotional narratives […]


Don’t wait for dumb luck: Create more defining moments by doing this

Imagine you’re a 20-something sales rep for a tech company. You sell disaster recovery software and make good coin doing it. Your wardrobe and your wheels reflect your success. Then, gas skyrockets past $3 a gallon. There’s even talk it’ll flirt with $4. Suddenly, you and the other young sales reps in the office aren’t […]


The soundtrack of story: what it takes to strike the right chord

A herd of African rhinos on the move is a powerful sight to behold. But it’s the thunderous sound that makes its power palpable. Equally distinct is the sound of silence where you’d expect to see, hear, and feel the presence of such magnificent animals.  Thousands of miles from the African safari, Centerline composers Dan […]


Are you really putting your customers first?

Every business, no matter the industry, will tell you that their customers come first. But when you browse a website and are bombarded with products and solutions before your problem has even been identified—that tells a different story.  In a nutshell, the major difference between a product-centric business and a customer-centric one is as simple […]


The 5 most important metrics we use to guide digital campaigns

When you’re looking for metrics to evaluate the success of a digital campaign, there’s a vast sea of information available, and it can be hard to separate the useful from the superfluous.  Of course, what’s most useful for your campaign is going to vary based on your goals. Your content can be as sleek as […]


Adjusting your customer experience strategy in times of uncertainty

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, many industries have experienced enormous disruption and even complete shutdown. As a result, it’s becoming necessary to rethink business processes and customer needs to better serve clients. It’s possible that your customer is learning about your product or service in a whole new way or experiencing different touchpoints in their […]


Connecting with empathy and poise: A guide to being behind the webcam

We’re entering week four of working remotely as a company. Our normally bustling office is empty, and we’re all learning to make offices out of our homes and maintain homes inside our new makeshift offices. It’s the “new normal,” but there’s nothing normal about it. This isn’t your standard teleworking break from the office. Coworkers […]


The key to ‘Human Experience’ is great storytelling

Human experience (HX) has recently emerged as a concept that leading brands and consultancies say must be prioritized to remain competitive in the digital age. What does this mean for marketing? And how do you distinguish human experience from user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX)? Centerline’s Strategic Creative Director Dan Self and Group Account […]


Working through change: Tips for working remotely and staying sane through the outbreak

Welcome to the new normal. In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re all learning to make some changes to our normal routine to keep business running as usual. I’m so proud of the way the Centerline team has pivoted to working remotely, while staying connected and on top of our client work.   Even still, […]


Empowering children through performance: launching a new brand identity for NC Arts in Action

Being exposed to the performing arts can be transformative to a child’s life. However, the reality is that many children today never have the opportunity to experience the arts, much less participate in them. Since 2005, North Carolina Arts in Action (NC AIA) has been on a mission to correct that by introducing dance, music, […]


What B2B marketers can learn from the 2020 B2B Content Consumption Trends Report

B2B marketers have always faced challenges that our B2C counterparts don’t have to deal with. Sales cycles are longer and more complex, and we’re almost never selling to a single stakeholder. Our message has to touch a variety of decision makers in a variety of positions across entire organizations. Today, the challenge is even greater. […]