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Striking Gold with Data Driven Creative

Here at Centerline, we pride ourselves on accurately reading the marketplace, anticipating our clients’ needs and, when necessary, pivoting accordingly. It’s a collective skill that comes from asking a lot of questions… and then finding the answers.

Our partners at Protegrity recently turned to us for that very reason.

Rather than market to the masses, Protegrity wanted us to help build an Account Based Marketing (ABM) program that focused on two things: The company’s new solution for enterprise data security and the select high-value clients most likely to be interested in it.

Our team immediately began brainstorming approaches. It was clear that we needed to start with a strong narrative hook, but from there, things got trickier: How should we translate that narrative across various channels and content forms? Could we tailor it to the specific business needs of each of our targets? Should we segment by industry? What about personalization?

We answered all of those questions—and more—by developing a three-phase ABM program that served up a variety of content across multiple channels. We created personalized nurture emails, industry-specific landing pages, and social and digital display ads designed to address the specific pain points of individual targets. Our campaign leave-behind was a branded key finder and elegant trifold brochure. Those assets were personalized for a specific recipient at each of our target companies and custom-tailored to the specific needs of the business.

All told, we produced over 100 pieces of individual content for a single campaign.

So how exactly did we pull this off? The truth is, the success of this campaign was about way more than a strategically driven brand narrative or a series of beautifully designed digital assets. Leveraging data about the accounts we were targeting made all the difference.

Protegrity provided information about the content the accounts had engaged with previously, the job titles of the contacts the sales team had already interacted with, and the challenges and frustrations that prospects had voiced during those conversations. We had a clear picture of what mattered most for each of the accounts on our list. In some cases, we even had insight into what was top of mind for individual decision-makers. It was a gold mine.

Armed with clear information about each of our targets, we began molding the Protegrity narrative to perfectly match the client’s needs. We had a strong campaign hook, but this wasn’t about one big idea. This was about using the data we had to meet Protegrity’s targets exactly where they were, with a message they wanted to hear because it actually mattered to them.

Big ideas get the blood pumping. And those ideas become killer creative when backed by data that drives the strategic execution.

Working with Protegrity, we hit the jackpot.