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The Content as a Service Model: Why Now?

It’s never been easy for brands to stay top of mind with their target audience. But with the explosion of digital content, eCommerce, and social platforms, the challenge of standing out from competitors and creating meaningful engagement is harder than ever. Brands are pressured to create tremendous volumes of highly targeted content in order to build relationships and continue to engage with prospects and customers. 

This year marketers are facing added strain by way of reduced marketing budgets. Marketing teams need to create more content with fewer people and resources. 

Enter the content as a service (CaaS) model

Less robust than an agency yet more collaborative than a production company, the CaaS model is a hybrid model that combines the best of both worlds with speed and efficiency. Marketers can tap into industry expertise, the latest tools, and trend-setting talent without the long-term commitments or heavy additional costs of a traditional agency partner. 

The value of CaaS

The nimble, asynchronous nature of CaaS workflows allows for rapid asset creation done by talented creatives that are well within your budget needs. This is because, with a CaaS model, marketing teams only pay for what they need, when they need it. This allows them to scale up/down rapidly and tap into a much deeper and more diverse set of skills that with a more dedicated team structure.  

Why Now?

Marketplace demands and internal pressures are straining marketing teams to their limit. This creates a unique set of circumstances in which they must create more precise, effective content than ever while lacking sufficient bandwidth or in-house skills to deliver. These conditions make the on-demand studio model a timely solution to meet their needs. 

How to Get Started

Do you have a project that went “on hold” due to resource issues? Is there a campaign or sales enablement asset you’d love to make but lack the in-house skills to do so? These are perfect projects to try out with an on-demand studio!

Interested to learn more? See how our on-demand studio can help!