Creating a new brand identity through an updated messaging architecture and visual guides


A story about how IQVIA leveraged a messaging architecture and updated visual assets to activate a new brand identity

With a proud heritage of innovation and discovery, IQVIA is focused on making intelligent connections for customers across the entire healthcare ecosystem. As a partner for novel technology companies, IQVIA helps boost patient engagement and leverages AI and ML to reach the right patients–always searching for smarter ways to deliver better health outcomes.

As a business grows, so does the market’s perception of a brand—its competitors. Understanding the need to create and evolve, IQVIA had a new brand guide but needed additional support for activating that new identity in the market.

Centerline partnered with IQVIA to help fill the gaps. Together, they created a brand messaging architecture to support future business objectives and marketing goals.


Prioritizing strategy and analysis to inform the brand message

Ensuring IQVIA’s new brand guide was campaign-ready required two things: a messaging architecture and supporting creative. Centerline’s first step was to analyze IQVIA’s existing assets, keeping the goal of building awareness and demand in mind. Taking stock of the big picture was also essential to ensure all brand components could be connected and leveraged to their full potential.
Our strategy team reviewed:

  • IQVIA’s new brand guide
  • Portfolio strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats
  • Customer challenges and needs across portfolio offerings
  • Competitor positioning and messaging in the market
  • Current in-market creative

After the initial analysis, Centerline led IQVIA through a messaging architecture workshop to hone in on key language and messaging pillars. The workshop helped equip each business unit with clarity about IQVIA’s message and helped clearly identify the messaging parameters for their capabilities and offerings.

Closing the gaps between strategy, creative and copy

With the strategy, analysis and messaging workshop complete, Centerline developed a messaging architecture and organized all the disconnected brand assets into a cohesive ready-for-market package.

The messaging architecture and other assets were positioned and designed to be implementation-ready for future campaigns and marketing initiatives. With the new system in place, Centerline put it to the test by updating current assets and creating new ones.

The design project included templates for:

  • White papers
  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Case studies
  • Fact sheets
  • Master PowerPoint presentations
  • Graphic updates for web pages
  • Pull-up Banners
  • Animated social tiles

Considering the array of possible assets, a typical brand guide often needs additional design support—details such as how all the graphic elements work together, in which colors, or at what scale. This work is Centerline’s bread and butter.

Combined with the messaging architecture, the expanded brand guide became a brand playbook—ready to be applied to any marketing or business objective at any scale.


A brand in alignment

Consistency is an overlooked aspect of brand and messaging work. Yet it pays off when businesses consistently use brand and messaging guides to establish their identity and voice in the market.

Having a messaging architecture and updated visual assets to support its new identity gave IQVIA the tools to activate business and marketing objectives. IQVIA was able to leverage a unique look and sound to ignite interest and stand out from its competitors. And not just once, but for every future initiative, establishing the brand consistency needed to turn heads in the market and establish trust with target audiences.

We have never had such strategic and differentiated messaging in market. This is a game changer for the entire company.”

Director of Digital, IQVIA Technologies 

Creating a new brand identity through an updated messaging architecture and visual guides