Visual storytelling isn’t merely a core competency at Centerline, it’s the bedrock of our organization.

With a specific focus on clients in the technology space, our success has stemmed from our ability to develop compelling and effective communication and marketing campaigns for our clients, rooted in telling the right stories to the right audiences. 

Centerline’s talented staff of producers, writers and directors have received high acclaim for their storytelling craft. We have optimized production processes to deliver tailored, multi-use assets within the same footprint as traditional single-use assets by:

  • Identifying all possible uses and platforms in advance
  • Mapping storylines to platforms prior to filming
  • Selecting and vetting all storytellers and locations
  • Capturing all media within a small footprint with minimal disruption to client

Not only is it important to plan for derivative content, but also put in place a tiering logic. This enables the team to evaluate stories as they are nominated and identify those that will have the longest shelf life, produce the most useful hero and derivative content, or conversely those that warrant a smaller footprint.

For instance, a ‘voice of client’ story program should always be designed in support of or in conjunction with a broader campaign. Once client stories are produced in various formats they can be placed within the broader campaign map. 

Events play a major role in the B2B customer journey. People prioritize events for gathering information, solving problems, and building relationships. But events are saturated with noise. We create content and experiences to capture audience attention, generate deeper engagement, support on-site conversations, and create opportunities for continued engagement after the event. Our offerings include:

  • Event content strategy
  • Interactive tables and display screens
  • 3D hologram led displays
  • Video walls

Customer experience is the key to successful B2B marketing. For all the talk about the similarities of B2B and B2C marketing, the truth is the two are fundamentally different. B2B marketing is more complex – it just is. The subject matter is more challenging. The timelines are longer. And there are more processes and stakeholders involved. Not to mention each stakeholder has their own motivations, opinions and role in the buying process. In order to be effective, B2B marketers need a proven framework that lets them identify the right opportunities and create content that converts.

By adopting a customer-centric approach, we can build the right foundation for all of our customer engagement efforts. This allows us to create more useful content, more effective targeting, and more cohesion across the entirety of the customer experience. Our offerings include:

  • User research
  • Audience mindsets
  • Actors and segmentation
  • Journey maps

Marketing only works if you can prove it. We leverage your marketing technology stack to create end-to-end campaigns that power demand and lead generation efforts.

We find your audience, create the campaign plan, create and deploy content, and monitor performance to find opportunities and insights. Our offerings include:

  • Campaign strategy and nurture logic
  • Media planning and buying
  • Marketing automation
  • Account-based marketing
  • Measurement, reporting, and optimization

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