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Ping Identity Chief Identity Officer Campaign

The Ask

Ping Identity faced an awareness challenge. Despite being a veteran, 17-year player in the technology and cybersecurity market, Ping Identity did not have an established footprint in the digital space.  

Centerline stepped in to help Ping Identity stand out among its competitors. We did this by creating and launching the Chief Identity Champion character, which put a recognizable human face on what it means to be an enterprise’s identity champion.

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The Solution

Influencers build awareness.

The Chief Identity Champion campaign aimed to change Ping Identity’s awareness challenge. Its mission: to make an impact in the B2B space with a splashy campaign, increase emotional resonance and trust in the target consumer, and ultimately lead to conversion.

The impact of a fun branding and influencer campaign like this cannot be overstated — especially in a B2B market, where it breaks category norms and stands out in a sea of bland technical content.

Going after impressions and awareness up-funnel is a strategic move for down-funnel growth. It elevates confidence in the product mix in the audience because it demonstrates empathy with them. With the CIC campaign, Ping Identity announced to the world: We’re here, we’re IAM experts, and we can be your identity champions.  

 “I don’t think people appreciate what awareness does. It’s not a vanity play—especially in a B2B world where awareness actually gets you on the shortlist.”
– Kevin Sellers, Ping Identity CMO, in an interview with AdAge

Everywhere a senior IT director in Ping Identity’s target market looked online, Terry Crews—dressed to the nines in Ping Identity red as the Chief Identity Champion—was there, dancing and touting the power of identity security. 


increase in new users to the Ping Identity site from April 2020-January 2021


of new users to the Ping Identity site came from paid traffic associated with the CIC campaign


video completion rate on YouTube, against a 30% benchmark

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